License statement as a prerequisite for gerrit account

Michael Warner michael.warner.ut at
Tue Mar 30 22:47:23 UTC 2021

Every license statement I see on this list follows the provided 
template, so regex matching that should be trivial. Matching the email 
address to accounts in gerrit or bugzilla would probably work for some 
large percentage of cases, but you could reasonably expect there to be 
some cases where someone registered for a gerrit account with one email 
address, and sent their license statement to the mailing list from 
another one.

Personally, I would think the most efficient thing would be to just have 
it be a checkbox on the account registration screen. Similar to the "I 
agree to the terms and conditions" statement that everyone just 
acknowledges without reading on any other website.

John wrote:
> Would it be possible to script? Looping over messages in the mailing 
> list would not be hard to script, finding bugzilla tickets from a 
> corresponding email that the script has not modified yet would not be 
> hard, but it might be tricky to identify that a given message /is/ a 
> valid license statement.
> If you could figure that out, though, having the bot/script update 
> tickets with a link to the assignee's license statement would make 
> this much less of an issue, in my opinion.
> On 3/29/21 9:24 AM, Eike Rathke wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Sunday, 2021-03-28 02:36:49 -0700, julien2412 wrote:
>>> I noticed several times some patches on gerrit for which authors hadn't send
>>> yet their license statement.
>>> Of course when asking, the license statement is provided but to avoid to
>>> miss it and risk some legal problem, thought it could be relevant to make
>>> license statement as prerequisite for a gerrit account.
>> Maybe not a prerequisite for a gerrit account (contributors want that
>> quickly to push a change and you don't want their hard disk die before
>> ;-), but a prerequisite for being able to merge a change. Often enough
>> when I spot a new name at a change I look up the dev statement and if
>> not found mention that during review, but I'm also guilty not thinking
>> of or asking only after merging.
>>    Eike
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