GSoC 2021

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Wed Mar 31 15:38:33 UTC 2021

On 31.3.2021 16.50, Balázs Sántha wrote:
> My name is Balázs Sántha, and I am third year student studying computer 
> engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
> I have a good knowledge in C++ and Java, and getting familier with 
> Python too.
> Not so long ago, I did my first commit to LibreOffice: 
> <>
> Right now I am working on a unit test related to this commit.
> On the ideas page, I got interested in with the "Implement table styles 
> DOCX support" and I would like to work on that problem.
> Earlier, I was working and searching solution for the slow import of 
> footnotes. However, I did not manage to solve it, I read and learned a 
> lot about how the writerfilter works.
> I am not sure what is the next step, but I am ready to contact!

You can submit your proposal into Google's system. It can be a draft at 
first, if you want mentors to comment on details. The timeline is here:


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