GSoC Project - "Tests for the VCL graphics backend"

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Fri May 28 18:51:33 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,
I'm Akshit, a student and a newbie contributor to LibreOffice. I am
delighted to share with you that I've been given this wonderful opportunity
to work with LibreOffice during this GSoC under the mentorship of Tomaž
Vajngerl and Luboš Luňák. My project's titled *Tests for the VCL graphics
backend* and its main focus is to prevent any irregular user experience
that might show up in any graphics backend. The main objectives of my
project are:

   1. To run the pre-existing tests when the user first installs
   LibreOffice or Upgrades it and also to provide a UI functionality to the
   user to test the tests on his/her own will enabling him/her to present any
   graphics related issue to the community easily if present.
   2. Adding more test cases to refine the pre-existing test cases thereby
   covering almost every graphics feature used in LibreOffice.

I'm really excited to work on this project and to make a difference to the
LibreOffice codebase for good with the help of my brilliant mentors.

Yours Sincerely,
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