feature request: word count in addition to line count

o lu oluoluolu at protonmail.com
Sun Nov 7 00:59:52 UTC 2021

I am hoping this is the right way to request a feature:

Let's say a user (I don't know which one??) wants to print a draft document that is intended to solicit feedback in ink (not electronic notes or comments), and will modify the document afterwards.

This user will print the document in multiple sizes and wants to be able to find his/her position quickly using both sizes, therefore line count is unreliable as a marker of where in the document a piece of text is.

I think a word count instead of line count is perfect for this.

Maybe this would be a good time to solicit my second idea, which is multiple "style sheets", where draft would be double spaced in a bigger font and finfal would be single spaced in a smaller font.

What do you guys think?
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