FYI: ccache for MSVC/Windows

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Wed Nov 17 21:18:57 UTC 2021

Hi Luboš,

thanks for that & the related changes!

Luboš Luňák wrote:
>  Given that AFAIK Windows bots are now the Jenkins bottleneck, I suppose it 
> could help there too, but I'll leave it to the admins to decide when it's a 
> good idea to use a random WIP patched ccache.
Note that ccache performs surprisingly poor on io-starved Windows
setups [1], which possibly is true for the Jenkins VMs.

So there's no way but trying - how about we equip half of the Windows
builders with your ccache.exe & see what we end up with?

Along the same line, I've also recently added support for sccache, but
YMMV there, too (I'd choose ccache over sccache for local caches any
time). Might be interesting for our dev mentoring team though, since
sccache enables sharing of cache content via hyperscaler blob storage



-- Thorsten
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