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Fri Apr 8 11:21:34 UTC 2022

Hello All,

Continuing here the conversation with Eike Rathke as instructed by him in
the previous email :

> However, I'd like to keep further dev-related and specifically GSoC
> discussion on our mailing list libreoffice at and
> continue things there, so everyone can benefit.
> That being said, do you already have ideas what would be required for
> a solution?

Thank you for replying to me! I would definitely be glad to solve an
interesting problem with your mentorship.

Based on what I have understood so far, here is the functionality we are
looking to implement in Table Styles


   We want to visually make it similar to the tables currently present in
   autoformat, however it should be able to apply the same attribute to
   multiple cells changing as more data is entered

   The functionality for this could be referred to from the present table
   styles in Impress and the functionality for sorting, filters, etc from
   existing code for pivot tables in calc, if I’m not wrong. ( I would
   appreciate if you could give me the code pointers for these to refer

   Also, as the bug [#132780]( talks about
   in detail, it also includes that the functionality is present identically
   in openoffice with a GPL3 license, so I do not know exactly how that can be
   used and how it would fall within the scope of this project, and hence
   would appreciate pointers from you.

   I’m not extremely well versed in this, but I assume apart from the
   hindrance to user of formatting added data manually in Autoformat styles,
   the main difference of table styles to that would be that instead of
   applying the attributes cell by cell, they would be applied directly to the
   entire table. I believe this would require some concepts of Object-Oriented
   programming to increase the efficiency, and I think I could understand
   better from how it is already implemented in Impress.

   Lastly, I see that suggestions include asking users to use pivot tables
   for functionalities such as creating charts from tables etc., so if we do
   implement table styles, I assume we would merge it with pivot tables.
   Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong anywhere and guide me on how to
   proceed further with this project and what resources would I need to study?

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