SalAbort:Unspecified application error

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Thu Apr 28 19:06:35 UTC 2022

On 28/04/2022 05.04, di liu wrote:
> Thank you for your response ^_^
>     The video appears to be inaccessible unless access has specifically been
>     granted in Google Drive.
> I am sorry, have made it
>       Does that device have a 64-bit ARM processor?
> Yeah ,my device abi is arm64-v8a,And the so is compiled for armeabi-v7a
>     i.e. the crash is not 100% reproducible? Can you give a rough estimation
>     of how often it happens? (like "almost always", "about every third
>     time",...)?
> almost always
>       It might also help to share a sample doc (e.g. attaching one to a bug
> report on Bugzilla) if it happens more often with specific files.
> see the accessories

Thanks for sharing the video and a sample file. With those, I can 
reproduce a crash.

Is that file confidential or can it be shared publicly (attached to a 
Bugzilla ticket)? (I can't read most of the text in it. :-))

>     What does your autogen.input look like? (Or what options are you passing
>     to ./ manually?)
> passing nothing to ./
> the autogen.input containing this:
> --with-distro=LibreOfficeAndroid
> --with-android-sdk=/home/disco/Documents/dev_env/android_sdk
> --with-android-ndk=/home/disco/Documents/dev_env/android_sdk/ndk/20.1.5948944
> --with-ant-home=/home/disco/Documents/dev_env/apache-ant-1.10.12
> --enable-debug
> --enable-symbols="vcl/source/app/"
>     For a 64-bit ARM debug build, using LLD with NDK 22.1.7171670 worked for
>     me in the past, by applying this change on top of master:
>     <>
>     and then using an autogen.input containing this:
>     --build=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
>     --with-android-ndk=/home/michi/Android/Sdk/ndk/21.0.6113669
>     --with-android-sdk=/home/michi/Android/Sdk
>     --with-distro=LibreOfficeAndroidAarch64
>     --enable-sal-log
>     --with-external-tar=/home/michi/development/libreoffice-external
>     --enable-ccache
>     --enable-ld=lld
>     --enable-dbgutil
>     --with-jdk-home=/usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/
> If i want to build debug version so must build a 64-bit ?

I suppose, in theory, 32-bit should also work. My practical experience 
with the Android toolchain was that several things that should work in 
theory didn't work in reality, and trying a different architecture, NDK 
version, or linker could give better results.

Trying an x86 or x86_64 AVD might also be worth trying.
A dbgutil build works fine for me on a Debian testing machine with 16 GB 
of RAM and an autogen.input containing


so with your config that uses --enable-debug and restricts for what 
modules symbols are enabled, even less should be needed.

> Addition:
> Yesterday i use "bugreport" command on my device and found below logs:
>     04-27 15:53:50.551 10316  3015  3287 W libc    : malloc(2292954)
>     failed: returning null pointer
>     04-27 15:53:50.552  1000  2433  6251 I chatty  : uid=1000(system)
>     Binder:2433_6 expire 4 lines
>     04-27 15:53:50.553 10316  3015  3287 E LibreOffice/androidinst:
>     SalAbort: 'Unspecified application error'
> There have a log "malloc(2292954) failed: returning null pointer" before 
> the error 'Unspecified application error' (both of them come from my 
> app(pid=10316))
> So i wonder if it is possible that the crash was happened in java ? 
> Because i found every time i slide the screen it's will trigger the 
> render redraw which will trigger allocate a direct buffer

 From what I have seen so far, the problem is that the app/system is 
running out of memory, caused by a memory leak on the C++ side.

Can you try whether the demo patch at makes the crash go away 
for you as well?

At least with the experimental editing mode disabled, this worked here.
I haven't tried with experimental mode enabled yet, which was running 
out of memory earlier without the patch in place, and was showing 
another out-of-memory-related error in the ADB log ouput with an x86 
debug build.

(The patch is obviously not meant to be merged as is, just a demo where 
the problem is.)

PS: Adding dev list back to the conversation.

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