SalAbort:Unspecified application error

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Fri Apr 29 10:54:23 UTC 2022

>     Is that file confidential or can it be shared publicly (attached to a
>     Bugzilla ticket)? (I can't read most of the text in it. :-))
>  The file is not confidential and can be shared publicly (haha,The text in it is chiness)

Great, thanks.

On 29/04/2022 12.07, di liu wrote:
>     Ok, I will make a try (recompile the source code will spend me
>     hours... )
> Unfortunately it's also crash with same error when i swipe up and down 
> more times.

Does "more times" here mean that it takes longer now than previously 
until the problem shows up? Or is it pretty much unchanged for you?

Is that with experimental mode enabled or disabled in the app settings?

> I suppose the memory leak maybe exit in this method 
> "desktop/source/lib/init.cxx -> doc_paintTile".Because every time i 
> swipe the screen the java code will call this method to paint tile where 
> crash was happened

Yes, that's most likely.
The one from is also 
called further down in the stack from there and was clearly showing up 
in the memory profile.

The app was working fine with the sample file in non-editing mode  for 
me with that hack in place in a quick test.
But it's well possible that there are more leaks elsewhere.

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