SalAbort:Unspecified application error

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Fri Apr 29 15:39:29 UTC 2022

On 29/04/2022 12.54, Michael Weghorn wrote:
>>     Is that file confidential or can it be shared publicly (attached to a
>>     Bugzilla ticket)? (I can't read most of the text in it. :-))
>>  The file is not confidential and can be shared publicly (haha,The 
>> text in it is chiness)
> Great, thanks.

I've now created a Bugzilla ticket for the initial issue that I could 
reproduce and have a pending fix for that in Gerrit:

With that in place, I didn't see any more crashes or unexpected memory 
usage increase when testing more with your sample doc and experimental 
mode *disabled*.

I can still reproduce a crash due to running out of memory with 
experimental mode *enabled*, though.

I have created a separate ticket in Bugzilla for that one and added some 
more information, also mentioning a potential workaround:

I suggest to continue discussion about that particular issue in Bugzilla 
(e.g. I'd be interested whether your crash also disappears when you do 
that change locally).

>  My compile machine only has 4GB RAM so that i must restrict the symbols but even so the memory is also not enough(because of that link error "clang++ error:unable to execute command Killed")

4 GB are actually not much. I have no further ideas what you could 
do/try to do a build with debug symbols in that setup, other than having 
lots of swap, which will probably be very slow.

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