No Full Screen in MacOS

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Sun Jan 9 11:50:12 UTC 2022

> (A bug report would be a good start in any way with proper STR)

See for instance and the
bugs it points to.

The full-screen concept in LO and how it is or isn't connected to a
full-screen concept on each windowing environment is a mess. The core
problem is that the macOS concept of "full-screen" is not a state that
LibreOffice would have any API for. (Just expanding the window to be
as large as possible is not the same thing.)

LibreOffice has its own separate full-screen concept, with its own UI
to get out of it. Ideally, that should not exist on macOS but instead
the system full-screen concept should be used. (Differently on each
windowing system, and probably on Linux differently on GNOME and KDE,
for instance.)

But it is tedious work to implement and nobody has been
interested/funded to do it. And probably the LO UX people would want
to be involved, too. There was a quick and dirty attempt to take the
macOS real full-screen thing into use many years ago (2014 or so) but
it was buggy and was reverted. (That attempt is what the above
meta-bug's initial comment refers to with "as currently implemented".)


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