Dispatch commands list

Jean-Pierre Ledure jp at ledure.be
Mon Jan 10 15:17:40 UTC 2022

I refer to next commit:


This commit updates the script which generates the wiki page about the 
so-called "Dispatch" commands on


I propose a number of modifications on the layout and on the content of 
the wiki page to make, hopefully, life a bit easier for authors of 
scripts and extensions. Without loss of information vs. the past.

The proposed benefits are:

- A more complete list: as an example, commands that are executable from 
Base or while designing charts are now part of the list

- The commands are re-classified, and a subclass (the "group") should 
help to know what type of action it is about

- Each command has a pointer (opengrok file + line) to the source 
file(s) from which the information was extracted

- Last but not least, when available, the reader will find the arguments 
to provide when invoking the DispatchHelper service. AFAIK this info was 
not centralized anywhere before.

If you have comments, suggestions, objections, .. please reply to this 
mail or on gerrit.

Thanks in advance.


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