tdf#140286 - CALC formula =INFO("OSVERSION") gives wrong output

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Thu Jan 13 16:27:28 UTC 2022

On 13/01/2022 15:57, Kohei Yoshida wrote:
> On 13.01.2022 10:38, Chris Sherlock wrote:
>> That’s my take also. But apparently, it isn’t important on Linux so we
>> shouldn’t change it. Because no-one uses Excel on Linux, therefore
>> they would never use this function if they use Linux.
> I wasn't there obviously so I don't know the nuance of the discussion. 
> But the fact that nobody uses Excel on Linux means we have a bit of 
> freedom to decide what to return there since we are not bound by the 
> compatibility concerns, rather than just declaring "we shouldn't change 
> it".  That'd be my take.
> Of course, I don't have a skin in the game, so I'll leave the final 
> decision to whoever is more appropriate.
I remember hearing somewhere there is an official port of Excel for 
linux (and I used to run it under Wine), so some people do.

Although whether the "official port" is Office 365 running in the 
browser I don't know. Maybe I should try it, I do have a subscription 
:-( See what it returns.


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