tdf#140286 - CALC formula =INFO("OSVERSION") gives wrong output

Eike Rathke erack at
Mon Jan 17 20:54:01 UTC 2022


On Friday, 2022-01-14 02:38:34 +1100, Chris Sherlock wrote:

> On 12 Jan 2022, at 2:45 pm, Kohei Yoshida <kohei at> wrote:
> > Excel these days returns correct system information, instead of just always returning "Windows (32-bit) NT 5.01".  It was my understanding that we couldn't change the string because that's what Excel always returned back in the old days.  So I assume that's where the "compatibility reasons" clause comes from.  Maybe Eike can clarify whether I remember this correctly.

You do.

> > I believe I heard that originally from Daniel Rentz who was the expert on all things Excel at the time.

Yes, and back then the goal was to strive for compatibility and that NT5
didn't even change for some Windows versions, IIRC.

> > Since the situation has changed today, I think it's reasonable for Calc to return correct system info as well, and update the help text along with it.

That's reasonable. For Windows and MacOS we should return a string
similar to what Excel returns, if not identical (for identical systems).
Taking system versions into account where they do.

For *iX I think we have every freedom we want. Maybe something like
uname -sro
but cut the -r part after the micro version (so omitting patch level and
whatever distribution info).


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