Accessing main window menus during C++ test run

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at
Fri Jul 1 13:13:58 UTC 2022

Hi Colomban,

On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 12:13:39PM +0200, Colomban Wendling <cwendling at> wrote:
> > Other than that, it's probably possible to make c++
> > calls that would undo this in the configmgr for a11y tests, and then you
> > would get what you need, without changing the default.
> That's interesting, would you have pointers for me to try that?  I tried to
> give it a look, but I couldn't seem to find a example to work with
> (configmgr/qa/unit/test.cxx seemed interesting but maybe too complex and not
> reflecting the expected API usage?), so I could really do with some guidance
> :)

No, I don't have C++ code pointers for this off the top of my head.

One think you could try (to unblock yourself) is to introduce one more
"default config" file: similar to what junit and cppunit tests get, but
this one for a11y testing. And then your cppunit tests could opt in to
use the a11y config, not the default cppunit one, with a single line in
the file.

I believe that would allow you to bypass the problematic config, without
having to fix all existing tests to work with your preferred config. And
then you don't have to undo anything, as your config would be free from
the problematic settings.



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