Accessing main window menus during C++ test run

Colomban Wendling cwendling at
Tue Jul 12 10:47:38 UTC 2022

Hi Miklos,

Le 01/07/2022 à 15:13, Miklos Vajna a écrit :
> […]
> One think you could try (to unblock yourself) is to introduce one more
> "default config" file: similar to what junit and cppunit tests get, but
> this one for a11y testing. And then your cppunit tests could opt in to
> use the a11y config, not the default cppunit one, with a single line in
> the file.
> I believe that would allow you to bypass the problematic config, without
> having to fix all existing tests to work with your preferred config. And
> then you don't have to undo anything, as your config would be free from
> the problematic settings.

Yeah I have been working with a locally-modified version of 
modifications.xcu in the meantime and it allowed me to move forward 
(with no other significant bumps so far).

So with your suggestion in mind, I put together a patch 
( that actually splits 
off the part that is problematic for me, so to avoid to copy over the 
pieces the rest (that, as mentioned, seem relevant for my tests as 
well).  I hope this approach is acceptable; otherwise I'll just prepare 
a copy that only includes the part I want, regardless of redundancy.

Thanks for all the help :)

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