Update of extended ODF schema

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Fri Jul 8 16:20:46 UTC 2022

Hi Laurent,

Laurent Balland schrieb am 08.07.2022 um 17:36:
> Thank you Regina for your advise. I will try it this week-end, or do 
> without modifying v1.3+libreoffice-schema as you suggested.
> But from my point of view, the v1.3-schema contains an error, as the 
> OASIS text is the core rule, doesn't it?

The text should be consistent with the schema. So here is surely an 
error in the specification. But I will wait writing a bug report until 
the embedded text works with negative positions in LibreOffice. So that 
I can suggest to change the text. It is not urgent, the ODF TC is 
currently very busy anyway.

Some details need indeed the text and are not included in the schema, 
specifying default values for example.

Kind regards,

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