Week 4 - update

Hannah Meeks hmeeks4135 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 22:17:06 UTC 2022


This week I tried to add the Space...Auto methods to ParagraphFormat in
Had some problems with this in the end understanding what to do when the
property was not defined, also the macros in word didn't behave as expected
from the msdn documentation so ended up not focusing on this too much - but
can come back to another week.

I also tried to make a test framework to sw/qa/core/macros-test.cxx looking
at the working tests for excel in sc/qa/extras/vba-macros-test.cxx in order
to test my macros, this took significantly more time than expected because
it took me some time to understand the code and some of the tests don't
seem to actually do anything - blank macros (testVba (Macro1))! Had some
problems with return values in running the tests and there seems to be a
problem with print statements running in the basic macros when testing
which stopped the function after the print had executed with no

Tried to improve some of the macros testing by changing the filing method
so that the file extensions were included in the file name instead of being
separated - this should help add my docm macros - in order to do this I had
to have a look at std::u16string_view with some misteps.

Also experimented with making some more test macros for XParagraphFormat
and XTable which should ultimately help identify bugs/gaps in the code to

Next week I will try to get some of my tests to work and will add my new
macros to test these objects as well as looking more at XFind.

Next Problem I can't solve is with macros tests passing OK and then failing
on exit with no helpful message -
https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/136944 - will chat to mentors but
any help appreciated

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