Hi (Formats supported by LibreOffice).

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Hi Amit,

What you are saying is totally rubbish. If you are not aware. Microsoft 365 actually gives you the option when  you first open one of the apps to choose an ODF format or the proprietary microsoft ones.


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On 23/03/2022 06.23, Amit Amit wrote:
I was thinking that why does LibreOffice support document formats other than that of Microsoft Office?

You might be interested in Italo's FOSDEM talk:

ODF might be better but not many people are using it and I don't think this is going to change because Microsoft Windows is on about 90% of all personal computer systems.

Almost all companies and almost all governments use Microsoft Office or compatible software.

Most of the people use Microsoft Office and compatible software so, in my opinion, LibreOffice should put all its resources in developing Microsoft Office compatible software only.


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