Compiling LO for lcov/gcov code coverage fails (gb_GCOV=YES)

Michael Stahl mst at
Tue May 17 08:53:24 UTC 2022

On 15.05.22 15:00, Maarten Hoes wrote:
> I guess that 'git bisect run' considers things a 'success' if the build 
> succeeds (zero exit code), and a 'failure' if the build fails (non zero 
> exit code). Duh. But I don't get the impression that it matters to git 
> what it exactly was that made the build fail ?  I mean, what if there 
> were multiple build breakages between 'good commit' and 'bad commit', 
> but you are only looking for a specific failure (gcov related), and not 
> possible others that also broke the build ?

maybe this can be useful:

        The special exit code 125 should be used when the current source 
code cannot be tested. If the

        script exits with this code, the current revision will be 
skipped (see git bisect skip above)

> I know you can limit the 
> build to specific build targets, which would make this less likely from 
> occurring, with 'make -C external Module_foo'. But when I tried this 
> like this :
> make clean
> ./ --enable-python=internal --without-system-libs 
> --without-system-headers
> verbose=t make --output-sync=target -C external Module_liborcus
> I get a build error :
> /bin/sh: line 1: 
> /home/maarten/src/libreoffice/core/workdir/LinkTarget/Executable/concat-deps: 
> No such file or directory

this will build only the external module without any prerequisites in 
other modules; try instead "make liborcus.all" - this will read all 
makefile but build only what's necessary for the one module.

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