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Fri May 20 06:59:09 UTC 2022


I made changes in uitest and now try to run it. But, I can not look for
results running.
I try different ways, but the result is the same every time.
I test test_clear_cells_all in cleanCells module. [1]

I use Kubuntu 20.04
Python 3.9
LibreOffice was cloned from git and build and stais on commit

git clone libreoffice
./ --enable-dbgutil --enable-debug --enable-symbols --with-help
--with-symbol-config --with-lang="en" --with-locales="en ru "

Almost all tests run silently and give no information in the console.
I also can't find information in the logs in the workdir/PythonTest/ and
workdir/UITest/ folders.
 That is, there is information about the work of the tests, but not the
Calc tests.
In workdir/PythonTest/sc_python/ I found done.log with:
MsLangId::getConfiguredSystemLanguage() - not configured yet
MsLangId::getConfiguredSystemUILanguage() - not configured yet
warn:vcl.layout:15959:15959:vcl/source/window/layout.cxx:288: nExtraSpace
went negative, setting to zero for VclBox:
warn:vcl.layout:15959:15959:vcl/source/window/layout.cxx:288: nExtraSpace
went negative, setting to zero for VclBox:
warn:svl.items:15959:15959:svl/source/items/itempool.cxx:441: old secondary
pool: EditEngineItemPool of pool: XOutdevItemPool must be empty.
DeInit task: Timer a: 1 p: 1 graphic::Manager maSwapOutTimer 10000ms
DeInit task: Timer a: 1 p: 1 sc ScModule IdleTimer 150ms (0x318d6b8)
DeInit active tasks: 2 (ignored: 1)

Ran 1 test in 4.251s

creating a sheetdocument
    disposing xSheetDoc

$ make UITest_sort
In console [UIT] sort, and I don't see any logs of Calc tests.

$make PythonTest_sc_python
In console [PYT] sc_python, and I don't see too.

I try to use a way described in wiki [2].
$ cat
export PYTHONPATH=/home/lera/project/libreoffice/instdir/program/
export TestUserDir=file:///tmp
export TDOC=/home/lera/project/libreoffice/sw/qa/uitest/data
export LC_ALL=C

rm -rf /tmp/libreoffice/7

export SRCDIR="${SRCDIR:-$(pwd)}"
python3 "$SRCDIR"/uitest/

$ UITEST_TEST_NAME="sorting.clearCells.clearCells.test_clear_cells_all"
Ran 0 tests in 0.000s
Tests run: 0
Tests failed: 0
Tests errors: 0
Tests skipped: 0

$ make UITest_sort
[UIT] sort
UITEST_TEST_NAME 'clearCells.clearCells.test_clear_cells_all' does not
match any test
Error: a unit test failed:
To rerun just this failed test without all others, use:
   make UITest_sort
Or to run just a specific test case method, use:
   make UITest_sort UITEST_TEST_NAME="Module.ClassName.methodName"
   Module - the name of the python file (without the .py extension)
   Class - is the name in the "class Class" declaration
Or to do interactive debugging, run two shells with:
   LANG=C SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen make debugrun
   make gb_UITest_DEBUGRUN=T UITest_sort
The SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN part is unnecessary if you are running on a kde
(The default gtk3 backend has issues with some uitests).
Failing that, put a
in the beginning of the method in the .py file,
and attach gdb to the running soffice process.
make[1]: *** [/home/lera/project/libreoffice/solenv/gbuild/
/home/lera/project/libreoffice/workdir/UITest/sort/done] Ошибка 1
make: *** [Makefile:169: UITest_sort] Ошибка 2

That talks no test clearCells.clearCells.test_clear_cells_all
But as I see the test exist [3] and tern on [4].

uitest.uicheck runs only tests from uitests directory and doesn't contains
tests for Calc. Its logs exist in workdir/UITest/
$ make uitest.uicheck
[BIN] top level modules: uitest
[LOC] top level modules: uitest
[ALL] top level modules: build-non-l10n-only build-l10n-only
[UIT] impress_demo
[UIT] demo_ui
[UIT] math_demo
[UIT] uitest

My understanding of the work of the test code ends here, and I do not
understand where to dig further.
Why are the tests not running?
If they run, then where should I look for the logs?
If they don't run, how can I run them, and should I do it?
And if they don't start, then why do they exist? :)

Tell me if I can provide more information.
Any ideas will help me move on, thanks.


Best regards,
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