Review for initial a11y C++ test conversion

Colomban Wendling cwendling at
Thu May 19 16:26:51 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for someone to review

I'm working on improving the C++ accessibility tests and the
framework/helpers around them to both ease converting Java tests, and
writing new ones easily, as per the related tender #202110-01 [1].
The first step submitted here merely translates an existing Java test to
C++ to get things started, and get directions right.  There will be
documentation on the process, but I for the moment held back on
publishing it e.g. on the wiki before I know whether I'm roughly on the
right track or not; but I could publish it tentatively as well if requested.

To my knowledge, nobody is yet dedicated to reviewing this work, or work
in this area in general, so I'm looking for somebody willing to jump in
anyhow and give this a look :)

Thanks in advance!


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