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Wed May 25 09:37:50 UTC 2022

Hi Xisco.

This question is not related to the review, but came up while reading your
code.  You are using the compatible string concatenation syntax:
concatenation through +. What version of python should I target when I
write code into LibreOffice?  As far as I remember, since version 3.6 a
simple concatenation in quotes is available.  For example:
print( f'{str(len(crashes))} crash reports in version {version}')
The current version of python is 3.10, supported by 3.9 and, as I remember,
it is recommended to move the style code to them.

Thank you in advance,

ср, 25 мая 2022 г., 11:19 Xisco Fauli <xiscofauli at>:

> Hello,
> In, I created a python
> script to get all the information about crash reports of a specific
> version from
> In the attached document, you can see the information about
> This way i could find some divide-by-zero crashes that went unnoticed
> and fix them.
> I hope this can also be helpful for others and help them to identify
> crashes that can be fixed.
> Cheers
> --
> Xisco Faulí
> LibreOffice QA Team
> IRC: x1sc0
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