ESC meeting minutes: 2022-05-26

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Mon May 30 06:40:15 UTC 2022

On 29/05/2022 20.40, Caolán McNamara wrote:
> On Sun, 2022-05-29 at 07:35 +0000, Michael Weghorn wrote:
>> Does it make sense to add the topics already mentioned on board-
>> discuss in the discussion around TDF-internal developers?
>> ...
>> * RTL/CTL: meta bug tdf#43808
>> * CJK: meta bug tdf#83066
>> * a11y: meta bug tdf#101912, and "accessibility" keyword
>> * Base, with meta bug tdf#120062 and some more additional information
>> in [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]
>> I'm a bit hesitant to add all of those with my own name next to them,
>> because I can't be of much help when it comes to those, except for
>> a11y maybe.
> Yeah, IMO it does. I think what we want is a level higher than the very
> detailed meta-bug level but a level a step more detailed than say, "RTL
> needs work" to see what are the stalled areas.

Ah, I see. IIUC, this is then about more specific topics than I was 
assuming previously, and reminds me a bit of the "Tenders for budget" 
collection [1].

Not having been in the call, my previous assumption was more something 
like a mixture of the two levels you mention above, like:
"RTL needs work. If somebody starts working on it, looking at the 
corresponding meta bug might be a good starting point when trying to get 
an overview, besides potential input from people that have experience in 
the area. But while working on bugs from the meta bug, the developer 
will presumably identify other things that need work, and come up with 
their own agenda/suggestion on how to continue to drive the (rather 
high-level) area forward."

> For base I've added in the two main issues of hsqldb to firebird
> replacement and migration, and the java-based report generator. I've
> mostly copy and pasted Alex's thoughts in there. (@alex feel free to
> add in other big ticket failings)


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