[BUG] [Libetonyek Build Failed] Please consider updating autotool scripts.

Chris Sherlock chris.sherlock79 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 10:13:11 UTC 2022

> On 17 Oct 2022, at 4:17 pm, 南国 微雪 <lo.tinysnow.ol at outlook.com> wrote:
> Hello, I'm from ArchRISC-V Team, a community porting Arch Linux software to RISC-V architecture.
> # Description 
> While packaging `Libetonyek`, we found an error.
> (This link is the log about building processing our lord maintained.)
> The `config.guess` file is too old to work.
> So our team gives this advice.
> ## Advice
> - You can find the patch here that how we fix it.
> - Please consider updating the configure script tools(Especially `config.guess` file). As part of our duty, we do suggest our upstreams doing this once and for all instead.
> Sincerely thanks.
> :)
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I ran this through Google Translate. It reads:

"config.guess: unable to guess system type


1. First report upstream that their config.guessand config.subfiles are too old.
2. Then try to update config.guess with autoreconf -ficommand
3. If the upstream config.guess file is too old to be updated /usr/share/autoconf/build-aux/, copy the config.guess and config.subfiles in the directory to the local.
4. Submit a PR with a link to your upstream report.
5. Keep track of your upstream reports, and delete patches after upstream updates to concurrent releases.”

I checked libetonyek on opengrok, and there doesn’t seem to be a config.guess file?


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