adding an item to rmb context menu in writer

dep dep at
Mon Sep 12 18:58:05 UTC 2022


for the longest time, i was able to work efficiently by selecting link
text, clicking the right mouse button, and selecting "insert link,"
whereupon the little link insertion box popped up, i could add the url,
etc., and hit apply, and all would be well.

a few versions ago this disappeared. i tore my hair -- i hardly have any
left now.

i've searched and searched for a way to add it back to the rmb menu in
writer. i've found none. this surprises me because it was extremely useful
and i can't imagine i'm the only one who misses it.

so, my plea: is there a way to add the idem back to the rmb menu? and if
not, is there a place i can beg for it to be restored?

thanks in advance.


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