adding an item to rmb context menu in writer

dep dep at
Mon Sep 12 19:41:37 UTC 2022

said Mike Kaganski:

| On 12.09.2022 21:58, dep wrote:
| > greetings.
| >
| > for the longest time, i was able to work efficiently by selecting link
| > text, clicking the right mouse button, and selecting "insert link,"
| > whereupon the little link insertion box popped up, i could add the
| > url, etc., and hit apply, and all would be well.
| This is incorrect. There was *never* such an item in context menu in any
| module (Writer/Calc/Draw/Impress); to be sure, I just checked with major
| releases from 2011 till current ones. I also checked OOo 3.2 and AOO 4.1
| to be sure. I suppose you are mistaken, thinking about some other
| software that had that.

Absolutely not so. It was there. I complained about it when it disappeared,
which was sometime after 2011.

| Tools->Customize has a "Context Menus" tab, where you may add the
| respective command to a context menu.

I have tried this. I have failed to make the "Insert hyperlink" command
appear in the RMB menu.

| Generally, one who wants to ask some question, or to suggest some
| improvement, is welcome to open the project home page
| (, click on GET HELP menu, and see the
| various options listed there - basically, you may get some community
| support (users helping other users answering the "how do I" kind of
| questions) at; and file a bug report /
| enhancement request on

Have you ever actually tried to do anything from that page?

| This mailing list is development-related, i.e. for "in which file
| function Foo is implemented" kind of questions.

Sorry to have bothered you. Thanks for your help re. the Context menus tab,
the amusing revision of history, and the pointer to the Get Help page,
which does not actually lead to help but which does explain much about the
LibreOffice organization.


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