Adding a new set of (built-in) templates in extras/source/templates

Kevin Suo suokunlong at
Fri Sep 23 09:32:40 UTC 2022

Dear Team:

I am planning to add a set of built-in templates in 
extras/source/templates. This set of templates is not a general purpose 
template, but rather specially optimized for Chinese users. As some of 
you may be aware of, Chinese (more generally, CJK) writing is different 
from Western in many aspects, and there should be some templates so that 
the users can choose from.

Currently I am planning to:

  * Put the templates in extras/source/templates/l10n/zh_CN.
  * It will include several templates for Writer, Calc, and Impress. For
      o extras/source/templates/l10n/zh_CN/cn_odt_general
      o extras/source/templates/l10n/zh_CN/cn_odt_letter
      o extras/source/templates/l10n/zh_CN/cn_odt_academic_paper
      o extras/source/templates/l10n/zh_CN/cn_odt_government_letter
      o extras/source/templates/l10n/zh_CN/cn_ods_general
      o extras/source/templates/l10n/zh_CN/cn_ods_financial_reports
      o ...
  * I will keep the templates as clean as possible.
  * While I be promoting libre fonts as possible as I could, be for some
    of the templates I have to use non-libre fonts such as "SimSun" in
    the styles definition.
  * Makefiles can be adapted to only build these templates when
    --with-lang=zh-CN is used in autogen.input.
  * If possible, adjust the code so that when the UI language is Chinese
    Simplified, then use cn_odt_general as the default template.

Is this acceptable? I know this can be published as an extension, but I 
do not an extension is a good idea to do so.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Kevin Suo
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