[libreoffice-marketing] Re: [libreoffice-design] Moving to LibreOffice 8?

Thorsten Behrens thb at libreoffice.org
Fri Apr 7 09:11:30 UTC 2023

Hi y'all,

Mike Saunders wrote:
> Well, one argument is that we have very limited resources to support two
> branches. LibreOffice 7.5 won't be around forever, so at some point we'll
> need to push people to update to 7.6/8.0, as the previous version won't be
> maintained and could potentially have security issues.
I know this is missing the point on purpose: but just to state that
for the above problem, there's a technical solution called auto-update
(which is on the tender project list since a while).

> [means to an end]
> IMO, it's a lot like the whole "using proprietary services to reach users"
> debate. Arguably, as a FOSS project, we should avoid closed platforms like
> Twitter and Facebook. But we make a compromise and are active on those
> platforms, because they are very effective for reaching new users and
> communicating with them.
And I agree with that notion in general. The most obvious utilitarian
argument this project is making, is to invest a ton of effort into
supporting proprietary platforms like Windows and macOS, for our
**main** user base.


-- Thorsten
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