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Hi Regina,

Sorry, I have vacation so I'm travelling again, but found some time to

On Tue, Apr 11, 2023 at 6:59 AM Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de>

> Hi Tomaž,
> I have currently only 'RGBHex' and 'Theme' in my ODF proposal draft. And
> I have put the color-transformations separate from the definition of the
> base color (see attachment). That was my guess from the additions to the
> RelaxNG.
> Does integrating the color-transformation into my <style:enhanced-color>
> would better fit to your intentions? I could change that.

Currently we have something like this example:
<style:graphic-properties svg:stroke-color="#536dfe"
draw:fill-color="#bbc5fe" ...>
    <loext:fill-color-theme-reference loext:type="accent1">
        <loext:transformation loext:type="lummod" loext:value="4000" />
        <loext:transformation loext:type="lumoff" loext:value="6000" />
   <loext:stroke-color-theme-reference ... >

I thought to just change it to:
<style:graphic-properties svg:stroke-color="#536dfe"
draw:fill-color="#bbc5fe" ...>
    <loext:fill-complex-color loext:type="theme" loext:value="accent1">
        <loext:transformation loext:type="lummod" loext:value="4000" />
        <loext:transformation loext:type="lumoff" loext:value="6000" />
   <loext:stroke-complexcolor ... >

Do we actually need <style:enhanced-color> element - couldn't we have it in
the attributes of the parent element which would be  fill-complexcolor,
I think the transformations are fine where they are. Not sure the change
would make any difference. How the change

The ColorType 'CRGB' did not get support in the ODF TC right away,
> because it is also only a variant of RGB. The same would then apply to
> ColorType 'HSL'. They could be converted in the xmloff export filter.

Yes, that makes sense. HSL makes sense in some cases (tcould be easier to
think in HSL when you later change one of H, S or L values with a
transform) , but not sure we would use that all that often.

> Regarding ColorType 'System' and its 'SystemColorType', I don't see yet
> how this can be implemented well to ODF. It would mean to have a
> reference to a color table defined at the user or the user's system. And
> it is different from CSS4 <system-color> [2], so specifying by reference
> to CSS4 will not work.

I think we don't need this for ODF - in OOXML we convert the colors using a
fixed mapping function/table anyway. We don't ask the system (OS) for the

> What is ColorType 'Palette' and 'Placeholder'? Is it something, that
> needs to be written to ODF markup?

Regarding "Palette" it is the prstClr element in OOXML. Maybe I should
rename it to "Preset" too. We don't need that in ODF I think.

"Placeholder" is needed in themes, but not theme colors. Placeholder is
replaced by a theme (scheme) color, whatever one is defined by that theme
link (IIRC). It's used mainly in the format scheme of a theme - so for
themes for shapes. Would be good to define it now, even when we won't be
really using it yet.

>   We could
> > make create a UNO interface for that first and a wrapper, then use it at
> > all places where XThemeColor is used now, and also add it to the
> gradient.
> Having a UNO interface and integration to the gradient would allow to
> develop ODF import/export parallel to other filter. Is that correct?

ODF and UNO model don't have to depend on each other because you can access
the internal model in ODF filter too.

> Do you see a change to get such into LO7.6 (or maybe named LO8)? Or
> should we not even try to get integration of multi-color gradient and
> theme colors to LO7.6?

I think we can add all the changes that are needed for theme colors and
multi-color gradients into LO 7.6. Maybe some things won't be completed

> The current state of my start with import and export of multi-color
> gradient to ODF [3] does not consider "enhanced-color".

That's fine.

> https://www.w3.org/TR/css-color-4/#css-system-colors
> [3]
> https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/150060
> Kind regards,
> Regina

Tomaž Vajngerl
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