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Mon Apr 17 13:15:14 UTC 2023

I write this mail to speak about a well known problem : the treatment of
images, and photos on LibreOffice when it takes a large file.

I had to confront this problem dealing with a thesis of 1000 pages which
uses a list of 60 photos approximately in it. Yes, it is an extreme
situation but it pointed out certain number of problems.

It is not a surprise for you to know that constituting a database of 60
photos with legend in a frame is a painstaking work by itself, but
positioning these photos in the text was very counter-intuitive (I saw
every possible tutorial on the subject) and even when it works, the
slightest change within the document makes images change their place (event
when protected) and even override the space of footnotes (some of them
being specifically large).

Moreover, when passing to a master document, compiling the result is very
problematic. Even though the formatting of the sub document is identical to
the master document (size and font of titles, margins and page format,
etc.) the images are displaced and jumps appear everywhere in pages. (Maybe
a way to "fix" everything text in a sub-document ?)
Compiling needed systematically to a double update once in the master
document navigation bar (the "red flag") and in tools->update all (or
everything) for the jumps in text to disappear.

The second serious problem working with master document is references. If
one has to make a reference to a title or a text or any element in another
sub-document, the referencing fails.

It is a petty for such a wonderful program to have these serious lacks,
because the importance of LibreOffice in academic production is not to be
disconsidered even if LaTeX and other alternatives exists. LibreOffice is
largely superior in structuring documents, TOC, footnotes than commercial
alternatives, and it is WYSIWYG. I don't think I am the only one who shares
this view.

It will be also wonderful if LaTeX is implemented within LibreMath as
co-system of its already existing mathematical coding instead of an add-on.

I am myself (an aged) student in mathematics in France, and learned some
programming languages. I don't know if I am competent enough to technically
help in these issues, but willing to learn. At least I can surely install
test variants of LibreOffice and give you feedback if necessary.

Thank you again for reading my mail.
Have a nice day.
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