bash script for downloading and installation of libreoffice

Richard Demattio richard at
Sat Apr 22 14:56:57 UTC 2023

I would like to provide my script to the community,
but don't know how to do it and over what channel I can do it.

Where and how can I provide it to the interested community?

The script runs on linux and was developed and tested on Linux Mint
but prepared to run on "rpm based" systems too.

short description :
download the installation files from one of the following sites
#*                       and generate an installation script

--> the first dialog lets you select the desired version
--> the second dialog lets you select additional languages.

Based on these selections the base package, sdk as well es help and 
language packs are downloaded.

#* calling parameters:
#* --help shows the function"downloadEcho" below
#*    --interactive={yes | no} enables/disables popup of dialog boxes
#*    --maturity={stable | testing | archive | daily}     source of LO 
#*    --download="/path/to/destination/"                     for 
packages to be downloaded
#*               "/maturity-string/version-string"   are appended 
#* to build the final download destination
#*    defaults to (if called without parameters):
#* --maturity=stable --interactive=no --download="./"

If you run the script "" without parameters,
there will be no dialog and preselected packages are
--> from the youngest stable version
       --> base package
       --> sdk
       --> depending on the Linux system locales
             --> help packs
             --> language packs

Finally the installation script will be created and will be called 
immediately and stored so, that you can run it at any time later.

I am looking forward to receiving your hints.

best regards
Richard Demattio
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