LibreOffice architecture support (was: Fwd: Plan to remove dead C++ UNO bridge implementations (bridges/source/cpp_uno/*))

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at
Tue Jan 10 18:57:06 UTC 2023

Hi Stephan!

> There are currently 27 different, per-platform C++ UNO bridge implementations at
> bridges/source/cpp_uno/, some of which are presumably dead by now. And my recent
> <!/>
> "Rudimentary support for dynamic_cast on UNO proxy objects" (which had to touch
> each of them individually) was the latest example how even presumably dead ones
> have ongoing maintenance cost. Therefore, I would like to remove (on master,
> towards LO 7.6) the ones that can clearly be identified as being dead.
> Below, I sorted those 27 implementations into 5 categories: Ideally, each active
> implementation would be built regularly by Jenkins; those 9 that are go into category
> 1. Next, there are 2 additional implementations that I know are built for Fedora
> releases; they go into category 2. Next, there are 2 additional implementations
> that I presume are built for Debian releases (Rene, correct me if I'm wrong);
> they go into category 3. And then there are 3 implementations that are presumably
> in active use elsewhere (Tor, wjh-la, Sakura286, correct me if I'm wrong); which
> go into category 4. That leaves 11 implementations that are presumably dead, in
> category 5.

> (5) Presumably dead:
> * gcc3_linux_alpha


> * gcc3_linux_hppa


> * gcc3_linux_ia64


> * gcc3_linux_m68k


> * gcc3_linux_powerpc


> * gcc3_linux_sparc64


We're still maintaining these in Debian Ports. I have added the build logs for the latest builds above.

New builds will be triggered soonish when I have worked through the queue of package
dependencies that need to be fixed.

> * gcc3_solaris_intel
> * gcc3_solaris_sparc

Oracle is still maintaining Solaris until at least 2035 and OpenIndiana is still maintained, too.

According to this article, LibreOffice 7.2.7 was shipped with OpenIndiana 2022.10:


So, I'm not sure dropping Solaris support is a good idea either.

> * gcc3_linux_sparc

32-bit SPARC is still supported by Gentoo, see:


Let me know if I can be of any help.

PS: I'm subscribed to this list, but I don't receive any mail.


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