Question re the uno-skeletonmaker'-t' CLI qualifier

David dlochrin at
Tue Jan 24 00:05:54 UTC 2023

Hello Stephan, Yes, this is a Linux system and I'm invoking uno-skeletonmaker thus:

david at anon:~> "$OFFICE_HOME"/sdk/bin/uno-skeletonmaker calc-add-in --java5 -l "$OFFICE_PROGRAM_PATH"/types.rdb -n org.openoffice.adl.util.CalcDL1 -t CalcDL1
ERROR: Unknown entity 'CalcDL1'
david at anon:~>

I'd already found the '-l' trap for the unwary the hard way (and it also occurs in 'javamaker')!  My problem now is that a value for '-t' is apparently mandatory for the 'calc-add-in' command but I don't understand what to put there.

The uno-skeletonmaker source code, its help text, and every other reference have identical wording:  "-t <name> specifies a UNOIDL type name, e.g. (can be used more than once)”.

Since '-l' already points to types.rdb you'd think '-t' wouldn't be needed.  The phrasing "-t CalcDL1" was just a guess as I'd read some source code which seemed to imply a service-name was required.
__Regards, David_

On 24/1/23 01:15, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 23/01/2023 03:45, David wrote:
>> According to 
>> the 
>> argument ‘-t’  “specifies a UNOIDL type name, e.g. 
>> (can be used more than once)”.  This wording is 
>> the same as both the uno-skeletonmaker command-line ‘help’ and the 
>> introductory comments in the source code for 'skeletonmaker.cxx'.
>> However I don't understand which entity the UNOIDL type name is intended 
>> to qualify.  For example, is it the type of the skeleton code to be 
>> generated (presumably not, since that’s defined by the ‘calc-add-in’ 
>> command), the type of each value returned by the Java methods 
>> implemented in this addIn, or something else? Anything I've tried 
>> results in an "unknown entity" diagnostic.
> uno-skeletonmaker apparently needs to be explicitly told where to find 
> any referenced UNOIDL entities, via the -l option.  So adding something like
>> -l "$OFFICE_HOME"/program/types.rdb -l "$OFFICE_HOME"/program/types/offapi.rdb
> should work (in an SDK shell, on Linux at least).
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