Question re the uno-skeletonmaker'-t' CLI qualifier

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Tue Jan 24 07:03:49 UTC 2023

On 24/01/2023 01:05, David wrote:
> Hello Stephan, Yes, this is a Linux system and I'm invoking 
> uno-skeletonmaker thus:
> david at anon:~> "$OFFICE_HOME"/sdk/bin/uno-skeletonmaker calc-add-in 
> --java5 -l "$OFFICE_PROGRAM_PATH"/types.rdb -n 
> org.openoffice.adl.util.CalcDL1 -t CalcDL1
> ERROR: Unknown entity 'CalcDL1'
> david at anon:~>
> I'd already found the '-l' trap for the unwary the hard way (and it also 
> occurs in 'javamaker')!  My problem now is that a value for '-t' is 
> apparently mandatory for the 'calc-add-in' command but I don't 
> understand what to put there.
> The uno-skeletonmaker source code, its help text, and every other 
> reference have identical wording:  "-t <name> specifies a UNOIDL type 
> name, e.g. (can be used more than once)”.
> Since '-l' already points to types.rdb you'd think '-t' wouldn't be 
> needed. The phrasing "-t CalcDL1" was just a guess as I'd read some 
> source code which seemed to imply a service-name was required.

I don't know much about skeletonmaker or Calc add-ins, but 
says "The functions that the add-in component exports to the spreadsheet 
application have to be defined in a new interface."  So I would assume 
that -t must specify that interface type.  And one or more -l will be 
needed to make available that interface type and all the other UNOIDL 
entities recursively referenced from it.  So if you have your own type 
com.example.XMyAddIn in your own local mytypes.rdb, you'd probably need 
something like

> -t com.example.XMyAddIn -l "$OFFICE_HOME"/program/types.rdb -l "$OFFICE_HOME"/program/types/offapi.rdb -l mytypes.rdb

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