ESC meeting minutes: 2023-06-01

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Thu Jun 1 20:55:19 UTC 2023

On 01/06/2023 15:57, Miklos Vajna wrote:
> * ESC tender project proposal process (Thorsten & Florian)
>    + process draft, full text:

	Having spent time reading and providing feedback, when it was solicited 
on this draft, and having collected a number of obvious problems & 
suggested associated improvements - I'm surprised to have had no 
feedback on these:

	It was proposed as:

         + this is not a fait-a-compli from the board perspective
         + not necessary for the ESC to adopt something that may change
           in a week or two anyway.
             + for the moment - just play by the rules.

	And fair enough to follow even a somewhat flawed process in parallel 
with the next steps for getting a more workable process - ideally before 
this is adopted. What is the bottleneck there? legal time? or something 



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