Enhancement proposal: Download free fonts

jonathon toki.kantoor at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 00:08:28 UTC 2023

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Mark wrote:

> Surely it would be the proper use of resources, if TDF hires people to 
> (1) continuously monitor unlimited number of font foundries and their fonts; (2) checking legal issues with each of those fonts on any system, any country with its local legislation, and any use (commercial/personal), with possible change at any time by author; and (3) be legally responsible for possible mistakes, because it wasn't the 
> Or do I miss something?

A) If:
i) Restrict font eligibility to those that are distributed under the SIL 
Open Source License 1.1;
ii) Documentation as to the validity of the SIL Open Source License 1.1 
is obtained;
then issues 1, 2, and 3 pretty much disappear.
Granted, that doesn't work when countries follow the "recommendation" of 
the European Commission to make the use of FLOSS illegal. When that 
happens TDF has a far graver legal problem, than illegal distribution of 
third party fonts.

B) As far back as OpenOffice.org 1.x, fonts have been distributed as 
extensions. One of the rationales behind why the Extension & Template 
section UI of the LibO site, is so that fonts can be more easilly 
distributed as extensions.


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