Enhancement proposal: Download free fonts

jonathon toki.kantoor at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 17:28:18 UTC 2023

Mike wrote:

> redistribution is a business of respective font foundries. An extension 
> should IMO primarily contain the author of extension's work. Fonts 
> re-distributed as LO extensions not only do not fit into this idea,

The size of the complete set of Noto fonts (1.5 GB) is a major reason 
for my not a fan approach to distributing via extension.

> Fonts (and their redistribution in *any* kind) are not what TDF should invest into, IMO. 

After installing an l10n package, the user _should_ have the appropriate 
fonts for the language(s) that the package supports.

OO.o 1.1.3 ZA was awkward, becuase OOo didn't include fonts that were 
appropriate for the languages in that package.

Were LibO to have a Miami l10n package, how would fonts for that package 
be distributed? (I'm using Miami as an example. There are a thousand 
other languages --- Na'vi,!kung, Picard as examples --- that I could 
substitute as an example. Languages )

> At most, have some wiki pages with (personalized; necessarily opinionated) recommendations.

There are objective criteria that can be used to determine how suitable 
a specific font is, for a specific usage.


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