[Libva] [PATCH][RFC] Add vaQuery{Get,Put}ImageFormats()

Bian, Jonathan jonathan.bian at intel.com
Tue Nov 23 11:02:23 PST 2010

Hi Gwenole,

I thought that the intent of vaQueryImageFormats() is to return formats that can be used for va{Create, Get, Put)Image(). Are there implementations that can only support GetImage but not PutImage or vice versa? 


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vaQueryImageFormats() returns the image formats supported by vaCreateImage(). However, some implementations may not support
vaGetImage() or vaPutImage() with a particular format. In that case, it may be interesting to know about it beforehand, instead of having the user test the outcome of va{Get,Put}Image() and try another format.

It should also be possible to provide a default implementation right into va/va.c.



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