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Thu Aug 18 05:52:47 PDT 2011

I just migrated my own GtkBuilder-based greeter to LightDM 0.9.x. However, I
found that language selection is no longer available. We relied on this
feature in the previous version. The feature is also supported by gdm and
lxdm. With LightDM 0.9 supporting this is not possible. I read the source
code and found that "Language" value in .dmrc is not used. So there is no
way to configure language for the selected session.
In NEWS file of lightdm, I noted that this is deliberately removed and users
should set locale in .profile. However, .profile is not always loaded
depending on the distro/environment used. Moreover, this requires that users
edit config files manually. Is it possible to restore this feature in
LightDM or at least give us other ways to do it?

If LightDM is not going to support this, will LightDMLanguage be removed
later? If Language defined in .dmrc is not reference by lightdm, will
lightdm_user_get_language be removed?

Besides, I found a bug in LightDMUser. Every call to lightdm_user_get_*
loads dmrc again and causes memory leaks. Please check this part. Thanks.
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