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Guido Berhoerster gber at opensuse.org
Thu Aug 18 07:01:32 PDT 2011

* PCMan <pcman.tw at gmail.com> [2011-08-18 14:52]:
> I just migrated my own GtkBuilder-based greeter to LightDM 0.9.x. However, I
> found that language selection is no longer available. We relied on this
> feature in the previous version. The feature is also supported by gdm and
> lxdm. With LightDM 0.9 supporting this is not possible. I read the source
> code and found that "Language" value in .dmrc is not used. So there is no
> way to configure language for the selected session.
> In NEWS file of lightdm, I noted that this is deliberately removed and users
> should set locale in .profile. However, .profile is not always loaded
> depending on the distro/environment used. Moreover, this requires that users
> edit config files manually. Is it possible to restore this feature in
> LightDM or at least give us other ways to do it?

I second that, please see my comment on the corresponsing feature
request for some additional arguments and use cases:

Guido Berhoerster

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