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For the previously-mentioned use cases, creating different sessions for
different languages is just impractical. Public computers are good examples
for single user account + different languages which cannot be configured
Checking if a language is chosen and set $LANG is very easy and it does no
harm to lightdm. To disable this, just pass NULL for the language and $LANG
will not be touched.
To disable this in the UI, a gtk_widget_hide is enough. So I see no reason
to force its removal.

Sometimes having more buttons on UI != more complicated and harder to use.
Removing a useful feature from the UI does not make an application easier to
use. I consider this a usability regression rather than improvement.

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 11:17 PM, PCMan <pcman.tw at gmail.com> wrote:

> A "very valid" usage for this feature is for public computers in libraries.
> We don't know in advance what the language the users will need.
> This is especially useful in countries where many languages are in use
> simultaneously, such as Swiss, India, Singapore, or others.
> Another possible usage is for a central server providing terminal services
> in network environment.
> Please add it back or at least make it possible for other greeters to do
> it.
> If Ubuntu doesn't need it, just remove this feature from your default
> greeter.
> However, we'd like to add this feature to our own greeter. Please, at least
> make this optional
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