[Mesa-dev] VTK Offscreen Segfaults

Kevin H. Hobbs hobbsk at ohiou.edu
Wed Aug 4 12:23:47 PDT 2010

On 08/04/2010 03:01 PM, tom fogal wrote:
> No "--enable-gl-osmesa" ? 

That's right I do not have "--enable-gl-osmesa". according to "configure
--help" this is on by default when the xlib driver is used.

> 1) Make sure you've got -fvisibility=hidden when you're building;
> the VBO code seems to exist in multiple s.o. and i've seen similar
> segfaults before w.r.t. jumping into the wrong shared object (since
> Mesa has two libs that VTK needs).

-fvisibility=hidden appears on almost every line of the make output.

> 2) Make sure to switch the Mesa libraries in VTK's CMake step.  The
> critical component is that your link lines must put "OSMesa" and
> "MesaGL" in the 'correct' ordering, where 'correct' depends on which
> you want to use (sounds like OSMesa in your case, so OSMesa should come
> first).

This VTK dashboard build has :


If anything else is required to get passing tests then I'll file a bug
against VTK.

> 3) Doesn't seem likely that ::OpenGLInit calls vbo_exec_EvalCoord1fv :)
> Are you missing debug symbols in Mesa?  Could you get a stack trace w/
> full debug symbols?

Arrrrg now I see "--enable-debug" in mesa's ./configure --help" output.

I'll rebuild everything and get a new backtrace.

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