[Mesa-dev] glsl2: compile error on MSVC (string constant exceeds 65535 bytes)

Aras Pranckevicius aras at unity3d.com
Tue Aug 17 04:27:38 PDT 2010


Since commits 2f9ecc818d67 and a433cd286c60 (Add builtins profile for GLSL
1.30), GLSL2 does not compile on MSVC 2008:
  builtin_function.cpp(15821) : fatal error C1091: compiler limit: string
exceeds 65535 bytes in length
It does seem quite stupid to have 64k limit for strings in a 21st century
compiler, but that's what MSVC has.

Would it be possible to somehow split that string up? Or have it be
generated in a more compact form?

Aras Pranckevičius
work: http://unity3d.com
home: http://aras-p.info
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