[Mesa-dev] Mesa + glxPixmaps problems

tom fogal tfogal at sci.utah.edu
Thu Aug 26 11:50:32 PDT 2010

Ian Molton <ian.molton at collabora.co.uk> writes:
> Sadly, however, it appears that there are many more similar looking
> bugs in Mesa. Has anyone actually used Mesa to render to glxPixmaps?
> are there patches available to make this stuff work?

FBOs are a (much) better way to achieve what you want: they are cross
platform and supported well.  They accelerate well; I have a vague
recollection that in ancient times one would get SW rendering in some
drivers for pixmaps.

Even intel cards support FBOs; I imagine they're pretty universal these


All that said, I'm sure sane patches fixing glX pixmap issues would be



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