[Mesa-dev] 7.8.3 release

tom fogal tfogal at sci.utah.edu
Mon Aug 30 07:44:15 PDT 2010

tom fogal <tfogal at sci.utah.edu> writes:
> Brian Paul <brianp at vmware.com> writes:
> > On 08/23/2010 10:12 AM, tom fogal wrote:
> > > Anyway the point of this mail is that I'd like to push whomever
> > > does these things (Ian?) to create a 7.8.3 release.
> >
> > Tom, I'll merge your branch and do some testing here.
> >
> > I'd be happy to make the 7.8.3 release at any time.
> Thanks!
> I still have a few tests to do myself.  I'm sure I'll find the time
> for it over the next week; if you want to do an RC, I'd say go for it
> whenever you'd like, otherwise please give me a bit :)

I gave this a try over the weekend.

Our app both links in Mesa (through VTK) and runtime-loads it via
dlopen.  For a long while, we were able to link in one Mesa to VTK, and
then load a newer one, which was pretty useful for testing.

This is broken with the current 7.8 branch.  I haven't yet tried a
bisect to figure out when it started happening.. it's hard w/ two
Mesa's involved, makes the search space much larger.

When I link + load the same lib, though, everything works well, and the
bugs we've been hitting are fixed too ;) I would say what we've been
doing in terms of two different libs is sketch anyway.

So, long story short: current 7.8 is tested to be good for our case.


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