[Mesa-dev] r600g merged

Jerome Glisse glisse at freedesktop.org
Thu May 27 14:32:25 PDT 2010

I merged r600g, it's no where from being usefull but people wanted to
have it on master. I changed a little bit the backend generation for
the shader (i am still not happy the way the backend is but it's better
that what was before).

To support instruction (like lit or other instruction which doesn't match
natively the hw) tweak r600_shader_alu_translate in r600_compiler_r600.c
Right now there is issue with trans operation & litteral. It leads to
bogus shader. In order to avoid suffering GPU reset over and over i
disabled rendering. I am using radeondb and fp shader sample to debug the
shader compiler :

radeondb -c gallium.bof
radeondb -s gallium.json

This will print the r600 assembly with some human readability (assuming
i am still classified as human).

To get gears working RSQ,MAX,SLT,DP3 need to be fixed (i get gears
working by cheating on those opcode).

I haven't applied the depth buffer patch as it segfault for me and
haven't time to debug this before next week.

Happy hacking everyone.

Jerome Glisse

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