[Mesa-dev] XvMC gets iDCT support (at least on R600)

Christian König deathsimple at vodafone.de
Mon Nov 22 15:23:19 PST 2010

Am Montag, den 22.11.2010, 10:57 +0000 schrieb Andy Furniss:
> Christian König wrote:
> > Could you fire up gdb and give me an output of the idct structure at
> > frame 3? To do so make sure gdb is installed and then run the following
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>        source = 0x9289128, intermediate = 0x9289948}}, vs = 0x0, 
> transpose_fs = 0x0, matrix_fs = 0x0, eb_fs = 0x0, textures = {all = 
Ok looks like only the shaders couldn't be created, buffers and
everything else is there. I am probably using something that isn't
supported on every hardware.

I just committed some additionally error handling, and you should add "
--enable-debug" to your configure options. Just run the following

make distclean
../configure --with-dri-drivers=r600 --enable-gallium-r600
--with-state-trackers=xorg,xorg/xvmc --enable-gallium-g3dvl

And then try again.


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