[Mesa-dev] Trouble building gallium x11/softpipe

Gregory Prisament greg at lycheesoftware.com
Wed Sep 8 14:31:58 PDT 2010


I'm working with the Khronos Group to implement several EGL extensions in
gallium3d.  Up until now, I've been working with a mesa codebase that I
grabbed way back in April.  I'm now trying to migrate to the latest version
of mesa (and "rebase" daily) so that I can send my changes to you folk for

However, it seems my old ways of building no longer work.

Specifically, I used to do:

./autogen.sh --with-state-trackers=egl,es,vega --enable-gallium-swrast
export EGL_DRIVER=$MESA_ROOT/lib/egl_x11_swrast.so

When I try that today, egl_x11_swrast.so does not get built, and (not
surprisingly) EGL initialization fails.

Any hints?  Are the build instructions documented somewhere?  This
trial-and-error approach is getting tiresome ;)

Thanks so much for your help!  If you can get me through this I'll have some
exciting patches for you guys!
-Greg Prisament, Lychee Software
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