[Mesa-dev] [mesa-demos] License clarification for eglkms.c?

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Wed Aug 3 11:49:06 PDT 2011

On 08/03/2011 07:24 AM, Mika Boström wrote:
>   Hello hackers.
> We are working to get a clean EGL/wayland system working with Qt. The
> code in mesa-demos/src/opengl/eglkms.c contains certain "obviously
> correct" ways of welding pieces together and making EGL a working
> backend. We would like to use parts of the eglkms.c code to make it
> happen.
> The source file does not mention under what license the code in the
> file is available. While Mesa code in general is under MIT license, we
> obviously can not assume it would be the case here. Would it be
> possible to clarify the license for eglkms.c?
> Our goal: provide an EGL platform backend for Qt, hopefully feeding it
> eventually upstream.
> I have cc'd the relevant people in our company.

I believe it should be under the MIT license too.  I'm copying 
Kristian Høgsberg, the original author.


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