[Mesa-dev] [RFC-PATCH 00/18] add Android support

Chia-I Wu olvaffe at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 23:28:03 PDT 2011

Hi list,

This patch series adds Android Gingerbread support to Mesa.  To begin
with, it only supports software rendering with softpipe.  I've tested
it with VirtualBox.  There are pending series that enable all other
gallium pipe drivers and the classic i915/i965.  I would like to see
how this series goes before sending them out.

If you are familiar with Android-x86, you can replace external/mesa by
the master branch plus this series, and build the image like this

 $ make -j2 iso_img BOARD_GPU_DRIVERS=swrast

The first five patches fix build issues with Android's toolchain and
libc.  They are generally pretty small.

Patch 6-8 adds Android Gingerbread support to core EGL and st/egl.
They are quite isolated and should be interesting to EGL developers.

Patch 9-18 adds Android.mk's to the source tree.  The Android build
system will include them and build mesa when BOARD_GPU_DRIVERS is

This series is RFC because Android.mk's duplicate the source lists in
Makefile's.  It means it will suffer from the same pain as SCons does:
it needs to be updated if a new file is added.  Chad has concerns
about this.  Since he also needs to work on that for his series, I
will join him and update Android.mk's accordingly.

Other than that, please review.

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